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Ken Block Sister Hazel and Cymplify co-founder
Dave Neal Cymplify co-founder and Amazon editor

Ken and Dave writing the Change Your Mind workshop for the first 2010 pilot session in Gainesville, FL. If you missed the workshop, GOOD NEWS ... you can read the book!



The Writers' Block

Our team is made up of writers at heart, in one form or another. We have several original writing projects in production — books, tv scripts, movie screenplays, and (of course) songs.


Our first book is CHANGE YOUR MIND: A CYMPLE GUIDE FROM HERE TO THERE [AND SOME GOOD POINTS IN BETWEEN]. It's out in the world, changing minds ... hopefully in a good way. Read more about the authors:

Ken Block

Dave Neal

Visit our Kickstarter page where we raised over $70K to produce the CYM book and enhance the Cymplify community. This is the longer story about how that song inspired thousands of fan letters and emails, a workshop, a book, a company, and this one-of-a-kind employee-engagement experience.


TV SERIES: We're currently shopping a TV series, written by Ken and Dave, inspired by actual events from 20+ years in the music industry. So, let us know if you know somebody who knows somebody.

KEN'S BOOK: Ken is in the home stretch of his next book, Strawberry Beach, an illustrated children's book coming soon.

DAVE'S BOOK: Dave is seeking an agent for his own completed supernatural mystery, At a Wall on an Island. He has already, optimistically, completed the book's sequel, Mayhem Under the Mulberry Tree.

We're happy to hear about your work, too, all you talented, tormented writers. Give us a shout. We may have a moderately well-written word or two of encouragement. 

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