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Cymplify personal and professional development


Why Cymplify?

Ok. It's kind of a not-so-simple story.


You can read it in our Change Your Mind book, available at the online shop, but here's the shorter version since, hey, you've got a life to live. And that's basically why we're here.


It started with the song, when Cymplify® co-founder, Ken Block, wrote Change Your Mind (the CYM in Cymplify) for his platinum-selling band, Sister Hazel. The band started getting letters and emails from all over the world immediately after the song hit the radio ... stories about people who decided to let go of old wounds, forgive someone, reconnect with old friends, or make some other life change. Powerful impact.


Ken has always looked for uplifting, meaningful ways to connect with fans, friends, and anyone else. Besides his 20-year music career, Ken has a master's degree in counseling. His wife, Tracy, has a background in psychology and personal development. They both felt a strong personal link to that song, and in 2009, they came together with some old friends with an idea to broaden Change Your Mind, the song, into a deeper experience.


Two of the friends—Dave Neal and Ray White—had a long career providing corporate clients with leadership and management development training, hence our ability to offer an extensive leadership curriculum with Cymplify® Your Business.

Cymplify® co-founder, Joel Cobden, is another of these friends. His family opened Campus Customs over 40 years ago as a licensed retailer and manufacturer of Yale University apparel and merchandise. Today, the business produces custom merch and apparel for thousands of clients, including other universities, businesses, bands, and events.

Cymplify® was born from this group of friends, fairly accomplished in their own professions and lives ... like-minded, but with different perspectives and backgrounds, which always makes for a good team. They simply wanted to have a good time doing meaningful stuff, together. That's the mission.


The vision was, and is, to produce practical tools and information, unique events, inspiring clothes and merchandise, and ongoing community support that helps move people (including ourselves) from where we are to where we want to go.


We call it a production company, helping you produce your own personal and professional dreams.

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