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Dave Neal Cymply co-founder and Amazon editor

Most current writing project (besides the day job)

at a wall on an island cover.png

Dave is seeking an agent for his completed supernatural mystery, At a Wall on an Island. He has already, optimistically, completed the book's sequel, Mayhem Under the Mulberry Tree.

Dave Neal
Cymplify co-founder and writer


I’m a senior editor at Amazon, helping ensure our global training content truly moves people and organizations from where they are to where they want to go. Prior to Amazon's making me an offer I couldn't refuse, I was an independent learning and development consultant, working closely with PetSmart, GE Healthcare, Mayo Clinic, OfficeMax, Sears, Burger King, Celebrity Cruises and other great companies.


A free online personality test said I have next to zero interest in money, but I’m not sure I would have paid for that information.


Believe It Or Not

I met with the leaders of the “definitive” Loch Ness monster hunt in Drumnadrochit, Scotland.

Oddest Job

Clam farmer stands out amongst a fairly long list.

Favorite Food After Midnight

Krystal burgers (at least 5) with cheese

Worst TV Show, Ever

After M.A.S.H.

Last Great Read

Besides "eat more pizza," my New Year's resolution was to read (or re-read), read about, and watch all 38 Shakespeare plays. And thus, go I hither, pizzaly ... or whatever.

Quirkiest Keepsake

Cigarette butt tossed out by Mac Davis at a Walt Disney Golf Tournament in 1974.

High School Highlight

Getting my first byline on front page of school newspaper; something about a cafeteria menu conspiracy, or something.

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