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A simple, practical, ongoing tool to help you move toward where you want to go in 2017 and beyond.

Gentle accountability and the power of community ideas and support.


Change your mind and (quite possibly) your life.

"Cymplify Your Goals & Live Your Core" Meetup Group

Acclaimed speaker / consultant / facilitator, Ray White, launched the first ever CYM Community Group Meetup in January 2017. These regular meetings at the CYM Coffee Co in Gainesville, FL are FREE and open to the public.

Ray White helped create the original Change Your Mind (CYM) workshop, which he co-facilitated in 2010 with Ken Block, Cymplify® co-founder and Sister Hazel lead singer. Inspired by Ken’s song, the Change Your Mind workshop and book provides a flexible frame we’ll use to map a path to reach your personal improvement goals—big and small.


Ray hosts the CYM meetup concept in Gainesville, which may lead to additional meetups in other local communities in the future.

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