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CYM Coffee Co.

The CYM Coffee Co. serves some of the best coffee, tea, and pastries around. (Of course, we’re partial.) A relaxed, stirring place where Gainesvillians come to get in a cymplified state of mind.

A little history ...


We created the Change Your Mind (CYM) workshop in Gainesville, FL in 2009 and 2010 around Dave Neal's kitchen table. When we decided to expand the CYM idea out of the kitchen the next year, Dave's brother, Brad, had an idea.

Brad had just moved back to town after 15 years on the west coast. One of the things he missed most was his local Huntington Beach coffeehouse: a simple, casual little neighborhood hangout that was a 30-second skateboard ride from his house. The CYM stuff we were working on sparked conversations about Brad pursuing his own giant-leap vision of recreating that community coffeehouse feel in Gainesville.

He chose to call it the CYM Coffee Co—a "cymple" spot for people to plug in and unplug. He opened his doors on April 29, 2012.


Location: 5404 NW 8th Ave, Gainesville, FL 32605


(352) 224-5101


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