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Ken Block Sister Hazel and Cymplify co-founder change your mind

Most current writing project (besides songwriting)

Ken Block Strawberry Beach children's book title

Ken is in the home stretch of his next book, Strawberry Beach, an illustrated children's book coming soon.

Ken Block
Cymplify co-founder and writer


First and foremost, I’m the husband of CYM’s own Tracy Montgomery-Block and the ridiculously proud father of 3 world-class little humans – Chance, Marley and Alaina. I’m also lead singer for the platinum-selling band “Sister Hazel”, founder of the children’s cancer charity “Lyrics for Life,” and a co-founder and host of “The Rock Boat” (the worlds largest floating music festival). I earned a master’s degree in counseling psychology somewhere around the time of Justin Bieber’s birth, which has come in handy while navigating the creative waters of being in the same band since 1994. I earned both my undergrad and grad degrees, amazingly, while living with an unruly college roommate … CYM’s Dave Neal.


I enjoy shopping in Flying J Truck Stops, surfing (not paddling), wit, wisdom, and humor.


Believe It Or Not

I was almost run over by Robert DeNiro in a parking lot. Seriously.

Oddest Job

I worked at the Gainesville Raceway, which holds regional/local car races all year long. Its claim to fame is hosting the NHRA (National Hot Rod Association) “Gatornationals” every spring. One of my main jobs was to scrape off the rubber that would build up on the track from the cars’ burnouts (sometimes over an inch thick, and damned uncooperative). My roommate at the time worked with me, one of us holding a propane torch to heat the rubber and the other scraping with a flat head shovel. Heat. Scrape. Repeat …  Heat. Scrape. Repeat …   Several years later, I was asked to sing the national anthem there in front of 32,000-plus people. No scraping.

Favorite Food After Midnight

Sugar fix = Caramel Brownies, Ice Cream or Gummy worms...  All three together? Sure!

Hot choice = Totino’s Frozen Pizza

Worst TV Show, Ever

Almost everything that has replaced real music videos on MTV and VH-1

Last Great Read

“Me Talk Pretty One Day” – David Sedaris

Quirkiest Keepsake

I talked a friend into shaving “I Heart SH” into his back hair to profess his love for the band. We keep the trimmings in a baggy on the tour bus for good luck.

High School Highlight

I played my first real band gig when I was in 9th grade at my high school homecoming. We were “Razor’s Edge,” and we played exactly the kind of music you would think a band called Razor’s Edge would play. I did have hair back in those days.

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